Proven Track Record

Highlights as Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake

The following has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of our staff and supportive Village Board:


  • Youngest elected Mayor in village history at age 27
  • 3rd longest serving Mayor in village history
  • Village record voter turnout in first election becoming Mayor
  • 10 years with no contested races for Mayor or any of my Board members
  • Turned water fund operating deficit into a surplus within 3 years as Mayor.
  • General operating budget debt when I took office was nearly $2 million. By the end of this year, the total debt will be less than $200,000. Fund balance remains strong in both general and water accounts.
  • Successfully passed a comprehensive in-house Comptroller audit for procurement
  • Secured more than $5 million in grant funding to support the following sectors:
    • Police
    • Water Treatment
    • Lake cleanup and maintenance (Lake has never been cleaner in recent history!)
    • Youth
    • Seniors
    • ADA accessibility
    • Park upgrades
    • Park purchasing and creation
    • Sidewalks and infrastructure
    • Road paving and maintenance
    • Audio visual equipment for public meetings
    • Tourism, fireworks and celebrations
  • Created three new public parks:
    • Took a vacant and overgrown piece of property located at our Village gateway and turned it into a fully grant funded passive boat launch and public park.
    • Created a public and private partnership to construct the Village’s first stand-alone public dog park. Park is fully managed and maintained by the newly created 501c(3)
    • Formed a public and private partnership to create a fully self-sufficient community garden. Park is fully managed and maintained by a newly created 501c(3)
  • Repurposed the old firehouse in our downtown to create a fully stand-alone teen and community center.
  • Created the very successful Lakeside Farmer’s Market
  • Was among the first municipalities to create a law addressing short term rentals (Air BnB)
  • Created nearly one full mile of new curb and sidewalks at 3 of our 4 village gateways connecting the downtown almost entirely with sidewalks
  • Paved roughly 50% of all Village roads with real asphalt over the old model of “tar and chip”
  • Converted nearly 50% of our active police fleet to semi-hybrid vehicles saving tens of thousands annually
  • Converted 25% of our streetlights to LED saving the village thousands of dollars annually
  • Advocated for and achieved police coverage in our local schools
  • Improved and streamlined technology for village services: Online building department data, credit card processing for taxes and water bills, payroll processing outsourced saving thousands of dollars in time while providing greater access to reporting and oversight for more efficient management of services and overtime costs.

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